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Frequently Asked Questions

Table of Contents

  1. How do I get directions to the Courthouse?
  2. How do I get directions to your offices?
  3. I am at the Court House where do I go?
  4. What is the status of my case?
  5. What is an I.M.E?
  6. What is an E.B.T?
  7. I got a DWI/Impared, can I get my license back?
  8. My car was seized by the police, how do I get it back?

How do I get directions to the Courthouse?

Click here for directions and maps to Courts located in Nassau County, NY and Suffolk County, NY.

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How do I get directions to your offices?

Click here for directions to the Rockville Centre, NY office. Click here for directions to the New York, NY office (Manhattan).

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I am at the Court House where do I go?

If it is your first appearance at the courthouse regarding this particular matter you should try and determine which court room you have to appear in. If you are in Nassau or Suffolk County there is always a court officer located at an information desk that can answer your questions.

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How do I find out the status of my case?

If you have a criminal case that is ongoing you are always free to schedule an appointment to come into the office and discuss the case to your satisfaction. Appointments should be scheduled either before the appearance date or shortly thereafter. Discussing your case in detail in the hallways of a courthouse is not the proper forum.

If you have a personal injury case you will receive periodic calls from our office and you are also free to call with any questions regarding your case.

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What is an I.M.E.?

This is an Independent Medical Examination. Generally as you begin treatment for your injuries a request will be sent to you that requires you to be examined by an independent doctor. You must attend this exam or the payments of your medical expenses may be denied along with your entire claim.

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What is an E.B.T.?

The term means Examination before trial and is the popular name for oral depositions. They are typically conducted after an action has been commenced but before trial. However and EBT can be scheduled by court order before the action is begun or after the trial is under way. The deposition can include anything relevant to the case. The party seeking the deposition is responsible for its costs.

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I got a DWI/Impaired, can I get my license back?

If you were just arrested for Driving while intoxicated or impaired you may be eligible for a hardship hearing which will get you your license quickly or you may be forced to wait a period which will be determined by the court.

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My Car was seized by the police, how do I get it back?

You may be able to get your car back depending on several factors. The factors can be who owns the car, how many prior DWI convictions you have, which state and county the arrest took place, and if it was in a village. Any one of these can result in the return of your vehicle if you meet certain qualifications.

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